Monday, 2 June 2014

Cloth Nappies - A Money Saver!

Disposable nappies clearly dominate the nappy usage market, with more than 95% of parents using them some or all of the time.

The convenience of disposable nappies is that they can just be thrown away. The issue with disposable nappies is that they are thrown away, and end up in a wasteland, destroying our planet. Cloth nappies help eradicate this problem. As Melbourne Cloth Nappies says: "throw away the idea of throwing away. Because there is no 'away' "

Using just one modern cloth nappy per day will save about 730 nappies from ending up in a toxic dump over the time your child is in nappies.

Millions of disposable nappies end up in dumps like this.

And on the plus side, the cloth nappies are adorable! Check them out:

blue cloth nappy
gingham cloth nappy
red cloth nappy
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